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Armed Robbery At McDonalds In Cheney

CHENEY, Wash. - Officers with the Cheney Police Department and Eastern Washington University were called to an armed robbery late Tuesday night.
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Hot Dog on a Stick vs McDonald's

U-T San Diego: In response to its worst annual sales slump in five years, McDonald's got a new CEO and announced this month that will stop serving chickens raised with antibiotics. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last year, Hot Dog on a Stick ...

Taco Bell's Attack On McDonald's Is Literally Terrifying

Refinery29: I feel like everyone, except maybe McDonald's, knows that Ronald McDonald is totally creepy, and the stuff of children's nightmares. A new attack ad by Taco Bell entitled "Routine Republic" (below) takes the scariness to a whole new level, with clown ...

Want fries with that? Calera Elementary creates McDonald's drive-up for career For the amount of McDonald's burger boxes, cups, French fry containers and paper meal bags filling the front office at Calera Elementary School as part of career day, there was a noticeable element missing to it all. The aroma of burgers and fries was ...

4 things that really happened at McDonald's

Asbury Park Press: According to a report by Time inc., a Michigan woman is facing up to seven years in prison after she fired a bullet into a McDonald's drive-through when staff forgot to put bacon in her cheeseburger last month. Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, was offered a ...

You can finally buy pants with McDonalds' Big Macs on them

Fortune: McDonald's is now selling apparel featuring its signature sandwich, the Big Mac. The fast food retailer unveiled the new clothing on a Swedish website this week, along with a range of similarly-styled products including bedding and wallpaper. There's ...

McDonald's labor hearings begin Monday

The first round of hearings over alleged labor law violations by McDonald's and its franchisees begins Monday in New York.

Collier County McDonald's goes up in smoke forcing people to evacuate

Wink News: GOLDEN GATE, Fla. – Employees and customers had to evacuate a McDonald's after flames tore through the kitchen. Fire trucks swarmed the McDonald's around 6:45 p.m. Smoke could be seen coming out of a side door and from the roof. The employees ...

McDonalds launches Big Mac-inspired product range. Are you lovin' it?

WOULD you wear it? McDonald's has unveiled a new fashion range which includes pyjamas, bed sheets, wellies and dog coats embellished with Big Macs. The American food giant has brought out a range of clothes and homeware inspired by its most famous burger, the Big Mac.




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McDonald's launches bizarre Big Mac fashion line

CNET: The McFashion project is part of a global McDonald's publicity push called imlovinit 24, featuring 24 marketing stunts in 24 different cities. Though McDonald's is giving this whole Big Mac fashion thing a pretty strong effort, it still has a ways to ...

McDonald's Clothing Line Gives New Meaning to 'Wearing a Mac'

“Now you can stretch, run and ski together with the hamburger of hamburgers,” reads the product description for Big Mac thermals on McDonald's Sweden's website. The thermals cost 495 Swedish kronor, or about $58. The company is also selling bed linen ...

McDonald's launches Big Mac clothing line

New York Daily News: McDonald's has launched a clothing and lifestyle line that includes thermals, raincoats, wallpaper and sheets — all with the same Big Macs-on-white pattern. It debuted in Sweden on Tuesday. "Finally the hamburger of hamburgers can keep you warm at ...

McDonald's Launches the Big Mac Lifestyle Collection for Fans of Beefy, Cheesy

Adweek: Taco Bell is calling McDonald's a disgusting communist pig, but McDonald's doesn't care, because McDonald's still has the Big Mac. And now, the Big Mac is getting its very first lifestyle collection of merchandise for those who want something a little ...

Chipotle founder on McDonald's farm

Chipotle once had a close relationship with McDonald's . The Big Mac chain invested in Chipotle's business in 1998 when it had 14 locations. By 2005, McDonald's had a 90% stake — and Chipotle had 460 locations.

McDonald's Paid Who $5 A Pop To Reference Their Iconic Big Mac

GEEK TRIVIA. McDonald's Paid Who $5 A Pop To Reference Their Iconic Big Mac Burger? Rappers. NASCAR Drivers. Basketball Players. Tennis Players. Answer: Rappers. In 2005, McDonald's launched a stealth advertising campaign to ...


Could this hedge-fund operator rescue McDonald's stock?

Larry Robbins isn't the first hedge-fund operator to see gold in McDonald's real estate, but his timing is better. When William Ackman went public a decade ago with a restructuring proposal that would have leveraged the burger chain's restaurants to ...

McDonalds launches 'day of joy' after worst sales in a decade

Food giant will roll out a 24-hour campaign across 24 cities on March 24 in its biggest marketing push since its "I'm lovin it" campaign over a decade ago


Lack of bacon on a burger was not cause of McDonald's shooting, says defense McDonald's worker tells what happened before Shaneka Torres shot at window Witness Essence Lake testifies in the trial for Shaneka Monique Torres Tuesday, March 24, 2015. Lake was working the drive-thru window at the McDonald's Torres is accused of ...


McDonald's Launches 'Moments of Joy' in 24 Cities in 24 Countries on March 24 Some Philippine consumers this week may be surprised by a toll booth turned into a McDonald's drive-thru, which will treat them to a free toll and a free breakfast. Others in Ho Chi Min City may get customized Coke cans with McDonald's #ImLovinIt ...

McDonalds launches global 'day of joy' after worst sales in a decade

Food giant will roll out a 24-hour campaign across 24 cities on March 24 in its biggest marketing push since its "I'm lovin it" campaign over a decade ago


This Woman Didn't Get Any Bacon In Her Burger So She Shot Up the Drive-Thru

TIME: A Grand Rapids, Mich. woman faces up to seven years in prison after she was convicted of multiple charges Wednesday for firing a bullet into a McDonald's drive-through when staff forgot to put bacon in her cheeseburger. Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, ...

Jury Convicts Michigan Woman For "Bacon Rage" Shooting At McDonald's Drive

The Smoking Gun: A jury today found a Michigan woman guilty of firing a shot into a McDonald's drive-thru window after employees failed to put bacon on a cheeseburger she ordered. Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, was convicted of a felony firearms charge after only an hour ...


Woman Who Shot Up a McDonald's Over Bacon Faces Prison Time

Eater: It sucks when a fast food place gets your order wrong, but a Michigan woman may have overreacted just a bit. For that, she is now facing prison time. Last February, 30-year-old Shaneka Torres "shot into a McDonald's after employees there twice failed ...

10 nutritionists share the McDonald's meals they'd order

CNN: There are ways to make the most of your McDonald's mischance. Can carbs fit into a healthy diet? For the sake of strategy, we referred to 10 nutritionists (who tend to avoid fast food like the plague) and asked them what their order would be in an ...

McDonald's Food Should Carry Tobacco Style Health Warnings, Claims

The Inquisitr: Believe it or not, Schultz isn't a fast food hater who gets his kicks from informing customers of McDonald's and other fast food outlets that Big Macs make big children and Kentucky fried chicken can turn you into a lard a**. No sir. The founder of the ...

McDonald's Stock Looks Very Iffy Due to Millennial Eating Habits

StreetWise Journal: Washington DC, USA-January 19, 2015: This McDonald's fast food restaurant was spotted in Northwest Washington DC on Wisconsin Avenue at dusk. The neon sign is advertising McDonald's Lovin It slogan changed to Lovin DC.

McDonalds Boss Takes A Ride To Halfords

The boss of McDonalds UK has been poached to become the new chief executive of Halfords. Jill McDonald, who was also president of the fast food chain's North West Division, had run the UK business since 2010 and is set to replace Matt Davies, who has been lured to run Tesco (Xetra: 852647 - news) 's UK operatons. Halfords said she would be paid £500,000 basic pay, plus a maximum annual bonus ...

Attack in Cambridge city centre branch of McDonald's chain | Latest

Hair-pulling McDonald's customer racially abuses female diner after punching her in face. A FAST food customer yanked another diner's hair and racially abused her minutes after punching the same woman in the face.

Violent Fight Caught on Camera Inside McDonald's in NYC | WNEP

(CNN) — A big brawl was caught on camera inside a fast food restaurant in the big apple. The fight happened Wednesday inside a McDonald's in New York City. Video shows several girls ganging up on one girl, beating her ...

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